We have partnered with Defendify to help our small business clients stay up to date on their cybersecurity. They offer enterprise-level cybersecurity services and tools, but they’re scaled to meet small businesses’ needs. Why do they offer enterprise-level cybersecurity to small businesses? Because the majority of cyberattacks target small business networks, since their security is often lacking or out of date. Stay ahead of the curve with Defendify’s security offerings.

What do Defendify’s Services Include?

Their services are formatted in a software as a service (SaaS) model, but they provide much more than just cybersecurity processes for your network. They provide a policy-based foundation for their software services and tools because they understand that human error is a major information security risk. Their SaaS model includes the following:

Policy Builder

Defendify offers policy-building tools to help small businesses develop their cybersecurity policies. Building small business cybersecurity policies with these tools gives each business’s member a resource that shows them what effective policies look like. These tools improve small businesses’ compliance measures and help them stand up to their clients’ third-party security audits.

Classroom Training Video

Cyber threat awareness training should start as soon as an employee arrives. With this tool, you can train your new hires in cybersecurity during their onboarding process. When they receive this information right away, your employees will begin to understand how important your network security is. This can help them stay cautious enough to avoid suspicious emails and other potential threats throughout their tenure at your company.

Awareness Videos

Your employees can receive monthly awareness videos that keep them updated on the latest cyber threats. When current employees watch these videos, they improve their risk management skills by learning what cyber threats look like and how they threaten your network. If you want to improve your network’s security posture, you should use this type of measure to increase your employees’ awareness of cyber threats.

Phishing Simulators

Did you know 90% of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email? Defendify will send these to your employees to test their recognition skills. The simulator can measure who opened the emails, who clicked on the link, and other similar metrics. This tool lets you know which employees are most likely to open a phishing email, and it teaches your employees what those emails look like.

Website and Stolen Password Scanning

Defendify can scan your website to look for vulnerabilities. This will keep you aware of any flaws in your current security measures or any that still exist after you improve those measures. 

Similarly, their stolen password scanning tool scans the dark web to see if any of your network users’ passwords have shown up there. Why would your employees’ passwords be on the dark web? Because 73% of passwords are recycled, so hackers can guess the potential number and letter combinations. Once they figure those out, they trade the passwords on the dark web. Defendify’s stolen password scanning tool will reduce the risk recycled passwords pose to your business.

Penetration Testing

During a penetration test, Defendify’s white hat hackers spend two to three days trying to exploit your network’s vulnerabilities. They test the network’s security measures to see how effective they are and whether or not any vulnerabilities still remain. At the end of the testing period, Defendify sends you a report detailing what the hackers found. When you receive the report, you will understand how well your network security measures currently operate and how you can improve them, if need be.

Why Defendify?

Defendify started out as a cybersecurity consulting firm, but its two founders realized that cybersecurity could and should be digitized for small businesses. This led them to develop Defendify’s SaaS applications to give small businesses access to the type of cybersecurity that large-scale enterprises use. Several of their SaaS offerings, including penetration testing and the phishing simulator, are usually offered as managed security services. That means clients have to go through a managed service provider (MSP) to access those services. But with Defendify, you can access those applications and services more directly.

Connecting You with High-Quality Cybersecurity Software

We partner with Defendify because we want to give our clients access to high-quality software that will protect them from cyber threats. Defendify covers human error as well as technological issues. The way they cover all possible cybersecurity risks makes us proud to partner with Defendify.